ANOTHER SHOT OF OUZO WITH BELA LUGOSI (the yawning cat series)

Two of the biggest blessings I have been graced with in this lifetime walk on four legs each. They are my feline children, Bela Lugosi (the black and white cat pictured below) and Ouzo (in the gray fur coat). Bela is the sweetest, most gentle creature I have ever known. Ouzo is proud, dignified and dashing - a real lady-killer. At one of his birthday parties he was surrounded by half a dozen beautiful models who were fawning over him and one male guest at the party enviously commented, "Ouzo has a harem." As I write these words at the end of 2012, Bela is now 13 and Ouzo, who has just turned 14, is one-third of my age! I have been photographing them yawning since they were babies and, even if I just make one copy of it for myself, plan to make a book of photos titled "Another Shot of Ouzo With Bela Lugosi," a collection of my favorite images from the series.



I regard both Bela and Ouzo as my sons, my closest friends and, quite literally, as my angels. To know them is to know that they are Heaven-sent. They can look quite ferocious in some of the photographs in which they are yawning but I think they're adorable in all of them. I thank God every day for these two.